Is this thing on?

There are days when I feel like no one is listening.  Crickets.  Silence.  Just nothing.

Sure, I should be used to that.  I have teenagers.  Most everything I say goes in one ear and out the other…IF it reaches their ears.  If they have their faces in their electronics, then you can bet they probably didn’t hear what I said. I get grunts and uh huhs as responses.  Typical.  And expected.

But what I didn’t expect is to get the same silent treatment from their teachers. No grunts or uh huhs….just total silence to questions. This has been quite typical for the past 4 years that the older ones have been in high school.  And let me just clarify….its not all the teachers.  No, its mainly the male coaching staff.

I realize that coaches are busy – they have classes to teach and they have sports to direct.  If I had my choice, you’d have teachers in the classroom and coaches in the field house – both doing what they love most. But school budgets being as tight as they are these days, some people have to pull double duty.  Thus we have coaches teaching classes.

That being said, if you sign on for teaching a class, and you tell the parents  if they have any questions or concerns, they should email you …then you’d damn well better respond when they do email you with concerns.

I appreciate that these teachers are trying to make little independent thinkers and learners of our children.  To a point. They have self appointed themselves as the tough love committee….the ones that will train them up and make them fly right.  And they don’t need no parents questioning their tactics. Well I have news for you coaches.  Before you appointed yourself to that committee, I was given that right by God when he chose me to be their mother. It is my job to make sure they are brought up right and that they are succeeding in school, or getting the help they need when they aren’t. So if I have concerns about what is going on in your class, I expect you to answer me.

While I appreciate that you are busy, if you have the time to respond to an email from my kid, but you can’t afford the same respect to me, we have a problem.  If you think you know better and that you are just helping my kid mature by answering him and not me, you have thought wrong.  If I take the time to send you an email regarding a concern, I damn well deserve a response.  Just as you would expect a response from me, not my kid, if you emailed ME.

Its gonna be a long year coaches, so you might as well start responding when I email you.  Because I have another kid waiting in the wings to take on high school next year. Which means I’m not going anywhere any time soon.