Reflect what you want for your children

I’m beginning to think there is something in my psyche that gets me all philosophical on Tuesdays!  Here’s yet another random rambling for Tuesday.  A while back, we were all headed out the door to school and work.  I kissed Scott goodbye as usual.  When I got in the car, D said, “You and Scott kiss more in a day than dad and “name withheld for privacy” kiss in a year.” I said, “Is that a good thing?”  He said, “Yes!”

It got me to thinking, which I do ALL THE TIME because I don’t have a NOTHING box like my husband does.  Don’t know what a NOTHING box is?  That’s a story for another Tuesday. Anyway…it reminded me that our little ones (no matter how little or big, young or old) are always watching our interactions. They see when we are kind to each other and they see when there is sadness, hatred, or even animosity in the mix.

Yes, Scott and I kiss a lot.  Our wedding photographer even mentioned that in a Facebook post when she shared our wedding picture.  It’s just one way we connect daily.  And I’m not talking just a hurried peck as we run out the door.  We take time to say I love you and I’ll miss you. I think these are good things to be reflecting to our kids.

Don’t we want our children to see loving parents who deeply care for each other?  Or do we want to model that a man and wife live under the same roof, but share no affection (at least in front of the kids).  How does that affect them when they look for a mate later in life….hear me kids, LATER IN LIFE. Don’t we want them to know what a loving relationship looks like?

You each have to answer that for yourselves.  As for my house, we will continue to model love worn on our sleeve.  The kind where it’s out there for all to see. Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. My wish is more of you do the same.