We should be united

I don’t normally post political stuff  I have my opinion and you have yours. I’ve watched people get so worked up over trying to prove that their position is the only right one, with no gray areas, that they end up angry at friends and family for no good reason. Probably why I didn’t post this on Facebook, as I know no one reads it, I can get it off my chest, and not cause a great national debate amongst my family and friends, who have widely varying views.

I am deeply concerned at the direction this  country is going. We are no longer a united people, we are becoming more and more divided.  I guess if you read your Bible, you know that this has to happen, things have to get pretty ugly, before Jesus returns.  Well folks, we’re getting there faster than we thought possible.

Another mass shooting occurred this week in California.  And just like in Paris, it was part of a terrorist regime, called ISIS.  When the terrorists hit Paris weeks ago, the entire country rallied around them.  You saw Americans everywhere paint their Facebook profile pics with the French flags.  They were all praying for France.  France meanwhile, swore to pay ISIS back, and immediately launched attacks against their camps.

This week, ISIS hit in California.  Not a large group like in Paris, but a scum of a husband and wife. This man met a girl online from Saudia Arabia, went there and fetched her back here.  She was vetted by our country on a fiance visa as posing no security risk. Meanwhile at their sweet little humble abode, while they raised their 6 month old child, they were stockpiling weapons, guns, bombs, to use on us.

Do you think they got those guns legally? Do you think they walked into the local gun shop on a daily basis and asked to make ANOTHER purchase? No.  When they killed 14 innocent people, it was reported they had 2 handguns that were legally owned by them, and 2 assault rifles that were NOT registered in their names.

After the shooting, do you know what I saw on Facebook?  Was it a call of solidarity like France?  Nope.  I saw very few people change their profile pic to an American flag.  I saw very few people praying for America.  What I saw was a call for gun control.  Not blaming the horrid excuses for human beings that want to kill as many Americans as possible.  No, instead blaming the whole thing on guns and calling for all of our guns to be taken away.

Do you think gun control would have stopped these scum from getting their hands on weapons? The building these people were killed in was a gun-free zone.  Guess the terrorists didn’t read the sign.  France has some of the strictest gun laws around – guess they didn’t get that memo either. And if you are gonna call for gun control, you better call for bomb control too, as I hear they had a ton of those amassed as well. The plain fact is that evil doesn’t care about laws.  In fact, these scum would love to see citizens with less guns in their hands – they’d kill a hell of a lot more with no one to stop them.

What I’m most disappointed in is the reaction by this country to divide themselves when we need to be united.  When these scum took down the twin towers and thousands of lives were lost, we united like never before. Now instead of looking at the real enemy in the face, we want to make our neighbor the enemy? I’m sure that was not the intention when our forefathers founded this country.

That being said, this country was founded on the principal that we all are entitled to express our opinion. I just wish I saw more people trying to support each other and our nation than trying to be right above all else.  And we say around here, the highway runs both ways.  You don’t like living here? Then don’t.  I understand Canada is a bit chilly this time of year so you might wanna go south to Mexico, I hear they have some cheap rent,